Nikon ViewNX2™ GPS coordinates of the travel photo route superimposed on Google Map™ of Europe. For larger image, click here.

I started this site dedicated to my 2012 Eastern Mediterranean Cruise. Later, I combined it with other pages I had created earlier. My first pages were made in 1994 via Compuserve when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy and we were stuck with using a plain text editor. Ex., my 1996 Hall Beach, Nunavut page was the first ever of any Canadian Arctic Community and I am proud of it. I am happy to share it all here with you. Enjoy!

As I have travelled quite a bit, here is my experience and photos of places I have visited thus far:  Europe, Mexico, the Carribean, South America and the Canadian Arctic. Geographical and historical information is included. Click on any link on the two right columns to go to that page. 

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