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The closest I have ever been to Venice previously was in 1987 when visiting Innsbruck, Austria. This time I was going to see the fabled island city itself.

April 15: After arriving at Venice airport  from Rome via Alitalia, we were taken to the port of Venice in water taxi and boarded the cruise ship. The first nine photos are the scenes of Venice waterfront from the top deck of the cruise ship. The second set of nine photos were taken upon the return of the ship to Venice on April 22. Click here for those photos. After spending almost the whole day in Venice, we boarded the plane to Rome where we would stay until the morning of April 24 when we flew back home.

What we missed: The island of Murano where the famous jewelry and glassware is made.

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Note: All the cruise photos were imaged with my Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera with Nikon 18-105mm DX VR Lens and Columbus nGPS mounted on the hot shoe. Nikon ViewNX2™ software connected with Google Maps™ was used to pinpoint the location of each photo as shown by the pins.

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Venice, April 15: First port of call and the start of Seven Day Eastern Mediterranean Cruise.

Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy - View from the Cruise Ship
Piazza San Marco - View from the Cruise Ship (6:02PM)

Who is watching whom? (5:54PM)
  Island of San Servolo  
6:06PM   Island of San Servolo (6:07PM)   Leaving Venice for Bari (6:23PM)

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Venice, April 22: The end of seven day Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

After the end of the cruise, it was time to set foot in Venice and do some sight seeing. The April weather here is very strange. In a ten minute period we would see bursts of rain, hail and sun and the cycle would repeat. It was almost like tropics but without the hail. Venice was nice to visit but I would not want to live here. You just can't get in the car and drive away. In fact, there are no cars anywhere. The Venetian car is a Gondola.

The island of San Giorgio Maggiore     Closeup of St Mark's Campanile
The island of San Giorgio Maggiore (10:14AM)   At Piazza di San Marco (10:38AM)   Closeup of St Mark's Campanile
and the Lion of Venice (10:42AM)
Tourists everywhere (11:21AM)   At Piazza San Marco (11:26AM)
The condemned were hanged between these two pillars. This is why the Venetians never walk between them.
  Gondolas (1:06PM)
At the waterfront (1:37PM)   Leaving Venice (3:14PM)   In the Water Taxi on the way to Venice Airport (3:18PM)

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Venice Map (Hybrid)
Nikon ViewNX2™ software in conjuction with Google Maps™ was used to pinpoint the location of each photo as shown by the pins.
Map Copyright Google and other contributors

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