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Bari was the the second port of call after Venice in our cruise package. After plying the Adriatic overnight and the morning, we arrived in Bari at around 2:00PM. It appears that one of the ship's engines broke down, so the captain decided to rev up the other engine to make up time with a result that the ship was badly shaking and vibrating from side to side like Richter 6 earthquake, making a lot of passengers sick including me. Thank you captain, but I wasn't able to make it for your gala dinner.

We did not go on the tour of the city due to the hangover from the "luxuriously smooth" ride on the ship overnight but decided to walk around the port and take some photos.

For the first time visitor, it is apparent though that Bari is a very busy port, where one can see a number of merchant and passenger ships ready to ply the waves towards other Italian ports, Croatia, Albania, Greece, the Black Sea and the Middle East. Bari is located at the historically travelled maritime cross roads from ancient to present times. My father convalesced here during WW2 after being injured in the mountains of Bosnia fighting the Nazis so visiting Bari for me was of personal interest. Due to the Nazi bombardment of the port in 1943, Bari is also known as Little Pearl Harbour. Bari is also known for guarding the remains of St. Nicholas in the Basilica di San Nicola. This is the same fellow who over time became known as Santa Claus.

 For the GPS camera photo route map of Bari, click here.

Note: All the cruise photos were imaged with my Nikon D7000 DSLR Camera with Nikon 18-105mm DX VR Lens and Columbus nGPS mounted on the hot shoe. Nikon ViewNX2™ software connected with Google Maps™ was used to pinpoint the location of each photo as shown by the pins.

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The Port of Bari
Bari Panorama
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Dawn in the Adriatic
Two ships and an island in the background
  Dawn in the Adriatic
Port of Bari
Port of Bari with the Basilica di San Nicola on the right. I do not want to know how a Saint became children's Santa Claus but there it is.
  Port of Bari
  Signs pointing to various Southern Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean Destinations

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Nikon ViewNX2™ GPS Pins show where all the photos in Bari were taken on April 16, 2012
Click on the map or this link to enlarge it.
Nikon ViewNX2™ software in conjunction with Google Maps™ was used to pinpoint the location of each photo as shown by the pins.
Map Copyright Google and other contributors

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